Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Oh wow, Christmas already?
I've always been a bit crazy with my seasonal outfits and let me tell you, I was so close to buying an actual Christmas Tree Onesie. Yes. It was an actual tree shaped onesie.
But then I realized, I can't really sit or drive in that suit so I had to change.
I went through my closet and I found out that I bought an "ugly" Christmas Cardigan and also a sweatshirt that Ugly Xmas Sweater. How convenient right?
So I decided to go order some socks and pair it with a beanie to match it up.

I actually couldn't wait to wear it out the only sad thing was, the weather today was so hot it bugged me a little bit.
But it's only once a year anyways so why not suck it up for a bit?
Let me tell you the looks I got from people. I looked like a was crazy for a few minutes but honestly, it's the season to go all out.

I've been in love with the holiday seasons since I was a kid. People go all out decorating and preparing it just feels so festive that you can't miss up on participating. Love it!

Outfit details: Socks and beanie from Abercrombie and Fitch.
                       Cardigan and Sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters.
                       Candle from Bath and Body Works. (Peppermint smell)

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! 

I'm not up to much this halloween as so I didn't even go get a costume.
I guess I just wanted to cuddle up in a blanket with a warm cup of tea and watch some Peanuts.
I love "It's the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown" so much that I themed BunBun's (my guinea pig) halloween photo just like it.

I call it: Bun Bun and the Great Pumpkin!

I didn't find any costumes for myself but I have some ideas for next year in mind (some great DIY blog posts too!)
However, it was a bit easier to find some costumes for Bun Bun, though he doesn't really have the need for any candy

No make-up me and Bun Bun as a pumpkin, my pumpkin :)
It barely fits him

Bun Bun as the chubbiest bee I've ever seen in my life
He wasn't really happy about the outfit so we took it off right away

I'm not so sure about other animals but for guinea pigs, they really don't like to have tight outfits on them and I've read somewhere that it shortens their life span if you keep dressing them or putting leashes on them so I just put costumes on for a picture and took it right off.
It was really tight on him since he's about 3lbs now (he's 9 months old) and I think I'll have to get him small dog costumes next year because he really is too big now.

Happy halloween,
Hope everyone is having fun dressing up and getting lots of candy :)

Bed stand for Halloween
(I change it accordingly)
Lamp: IKEA/ Frame: Michaels/ Charlie Brown Plush: TY/ Tissue box, candle, glitter pine tree, flower and white pumpkin: Target

Once again,
Happy Halloween,

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkin Day

Pumpkin Days are always my favorite.
It means not only am I closer to thanksgiving/winter break but the weather is always just right.
You can put on a pair of jeans and pair it with absolutely anything, from a tank top to a big sweater. You're never overdressed nor underdressed

Not to mention, pumpkins are the best natural photo shoot place that basically everything just goes together and screams fall.

I was planning my outfit before the day, wondering if I should go in boots and a sweater but I'm so happy I didn't because the heat was just too much since I wanted to get there at 10 when it first opened. It got very very hot when noon came and I actually began to regret my choice of bringing a cardigan as I didn't have hands to carry it but I also didn't want to just drag it along. I ended up tying it to my bag and it kept falling out which was not a good scene. *Note to self, no cardigans next year*

The sun was shinning beautifully on Saturday when I went and it was just the right temperature, as long as you were in a cool shade, you would feel the instant breeze blowing towards you keeping you chill so there were no sweat stains on my shirt. (The shirt is 100% rayon so you could definitely see any sort of liquid).

I was planning on going with my new Tory Burch boots which I am currently in love with but I didn't want to risk the chance of getting it dirty (even though I sprayed it) and I haven't exactly broken them in yet (imagine the pain of walking for 4 hours). I actually don't wear chucks anymore but I keep them stacked up in the garage (Oh Tami!) and since there was about 30 different pairs, I didn't even remember I had this basic pair which not till right before I got in the car I found. I think it paired up nicely with the outfit as it tied the whole outfit to be a bit country wise and not to formal for just a farm.

The degrees right now in Houston is about 66 - 82F (19 - 28C) so you could imagine that this was a fit outfit for walking around in a farm.

I would advise you to bring a hat since the top of my head was burning and of course, a pair of sunglasses! 
I actually, like the clumsy person I am didn't put on sunscreen (I didn't actually forget, I just didn't like the stickiness of sunscreen but I've yet to found one that isn't super sticky) so when I got back, I was and still am probably 2 shades darker than my normal skin).

Lastly, always to remember to bring a bag you feel comfortable carrying, I didn't actually want to drag along a huge bag that would tire my shoulders so I brought my LV cross body called the Favorite MM bag and it fits everything from my keys to wet wipes to even a bottle of water! 
(I will probably do a what's in my bag next)

I actually had a really nice day enjoying kids activities (when we got our wrist bands, the lady was like tell your kids to put them on now and it was so awkward we had to tell her no it was for us - huge adults) but who cares really, we had fun. 

Got some "treasures" mining this box (Loose terms but really I don't know what I'm even saying)

Went to what they called "Pumpkin Hollar" and it was filled with craved pumpkins being lit up.

We went on a few rides and walked around and before we knew it, we had already spent 3 hours there so it was time to go home. 
I was however determined to go pick flowers which later on I had to grow away because the amount of bees and bugs I just didn't want them in my car.

We went flower picking right before we got some food and left to go home.

It was a great day, well spent and worth the money so if you're in Houston, give it a try.

Wearing: Free People's Lace Trim Handkerchief Hem Tank, color Cherry/ Abercrombie & Fitch Skinny Jeans, Medium washed/ Chuck Taylor Classic Colors, Navy.

I have a set of jewelry that I put on everyday consisting of: Tiffany Rings and Necklace/ Burberry watch/ Louis Vuitton bracelet. (Which well get a closer look in upcoming blogposts).

The tank was a bit sheer and revealed a lot behind my back and the sides but nothing a bralette can't fix (if you prefer, a cami would do a great job too). I love the cherry color as it fits perfectly with the fall colors and would still make you stand out from all the other fall colors happening around. Needless to say, it paired up perfectly with the pumpkins.

For the jeans, really since the boyfriend jeans didn't give me the vibe I was going for, I ended up getting skinny jeans since went being put on, they looked like boyfriend jeans but with that tight grab and slim shape.

The chucks were a simple add to tie the outfit together, bringing the casual look to the tank and jeans. While you won't have to worry about damaging it, it gives the outfit that country feel while still being energized, ready to go instead of being way too dressed up.

My nail color were the same shade of red as the shirt, which I've been sporting all fall since I got it. It just gives it that nice fall feel.

This post is a bit late since pumpkin day was yesterday but I'm happy it went up anyways.

Happy be-lated pumpkin day,

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Make-up for troubled skin

I've always had the worst skin conditions ever and it's been a long battle between me and my skin which is actually really costly.
I do envy people who can just buy any make-up and make it work but unfortunately, that's not my case.

It's been a roller coaster and even going to see the dermotologist didn't really help with my skin problems.

I'm not a make-up person, since I'm rather lazy in the morning and I like sleeping way better than caring if I look like a zombie walking to class.
Some days, you just want to look nice so people won't wonder if you're the undead.

I've tried to get my make-up from well-known shops just because I trust that the ingredients are what they really are and really, I just can't afford to test stuff out. Usually I get my stuff at Sephora since they're probably located at every big shopping center in Houston and they have really friendly staff - most of the time I've been there.
This, by far is my most happiest buy since I've been shopping there.

I bought some facial masks, a compact bb cream, loose powder, a mini moisturizer, a mini mud mask jar, liquid eyeliner and a kabuki brush.

(I don't have the decent video editing skills as I do for pictures so I'm not so confident doing video hauls)

1. The Too Faced kabuki brush 

Where do I even start with this brush.
At first, I bought it to go along with my loose powder because I saw Alex (hrh collection) take about it in her recently videos and I really wanted to give it a try. 
What can I say?
It's the most softest thing every, it reminds me of all my teddies combined and I feel weird when I say this but I find myself constantly feeling it hahaha. Whatever. I'm already weird.
It's a really good investment and I think it looks adorable with the pink packaging and the little teddy there.
I'm really worried I'll ruin it when I clean it but hopefully baby shampoo will keep it as it is.
This is worth the money I paid for it  (I think it was $38 + tax).

2. Kat Von D. tattoo liner

To be honest, I wasn't really looking for a liner when I bought this.
I was happy with my combination of the M.A.C and Chanel one. (pencil liner first then liquid liner, it really helps keeps everything in place forever!)
I'm a sucker for good and easy eyeliner and I was going to purchase the new benefit cosmetics one but I was talking to people and they all suggested me to get this one because apparently, it stays on, and it's easy to apply.
I bought it to test it out and it really is easy. I could draw very thin lines with no hassle. It stayed on even after I shed some tears (chopping onions for dinner) and through all the sweatiness caused by the lovely sun. 
However, sometimes, the liquid doesn't really come down so I wish they had a function where I could control that.
It was though, worth the price ($18) so I'm planning on keeping it.

3. Karuna face masks

I bough these because I tried on the green one once and I really like the packaging (I'm a sucker for nice pretty packaging. Not gonna lie, it effects my decision whether or not I buy it most of the time).
However, it wasn't a pleasant event in the past. Maybe it was because my skin was already sunburnt and had zits but putting it on caused my skin to break out a bit. When I went back for some other masks to try on, the Galleria store didn't have them anymore so I jumped when I got them at Memorial and decided I'll give it another try.
I have yet to use any (I'm a bit afraid it will cause my skin to break out again) but I will in the near future test them out to see.
If you don't have sensitive skin like me, I guess you should try it out just because it will maybe work for you. It just didn't do wonders for me the first time though.
Each was $8 but I think if you get a pack, you get more of a bargain. 

4. Hope in a jar from Philosophy. 

I actually came across this trying to find a good way to make my sunburns go away. I don't actually recall where I saw the video that led me to this product but back then, since I had my La Mer jar, I didn't really want to invest money in another one.
I still haven't actually used up my La Mer one so I bought this mini jar to test it out while I was waiting to be checked out.
Let me tell you, it really is what the name says it is. The moisturizer didn't cause any break outs, I could tell my skin was loving it since it has never been smoother.
The only down side to this is that the smell isn't very pleasant. Many people have said they can't stand it but me, I finally found a moisturizer that suits my skin so I'll just suck it up. I have to right?
This tiny jar is about $15 but I'm sure I won't be using it up anytime soon so for now, it's well worth my money and I'm so happy, if only the smell was a bit more pleasant.

5. Glam Glow mud mask

I've got so many suggestions I should use this but I actually haven't got a chance to test it out yet since I'm still really happy with my Boscia peel off masks.
I think it'll be nice when I do because many have told me it works wonders for skins.
Once again, it was a long line and I was just spending some time browsing through the travel mini samplers. I love tiny versions of stuff. Don't judge.

6. BareMinerals Blemish Remedy and Dr. Jart BB cream

So I don't know why I photographed these two together but I will update this post and talk about each one separately.

For the bareMinerals blemish remedy, it's a loose powder that actually works well with your acne or blemishes. However, if you're looking for full coverage, it doesn't actually cover much but if you only have a few spots you can cover up with concealer, it actually is a really good cover. It's super light and since I don't like cake-y makeup, I'm currently in love with it. My skin has been pretty good after I've been pairing this up with the jar of hope above so it's been a smooth flight trying to put on makeup every morning.

The BB cream. I actually bought it because of the way it comes when you use it. It's not like your typical BB cream or foundation you squeeze out but instead, it comes out just like a setting powder, with a sponge for application and a mirror. It's such a nice design for lazy people such as myself since there's no hassle with dirty fingers or brushes, you just use the sponge to apply it and the sponge itself is super easy to clean. It doesn't give you much coverage but I think it doesn't cause my skin to break out like some foundations so I like it. It's a bit more cake-y than the powder but this is a more thick application. 

(I will add pictures of the two separately but for some reason I haven't had the time to take them now)

I haven't written a blog post in quite awhile and since I have a bit of free time on my hands (between exams) I wanted to share this in case anyone wanted to know some info about products that works with troubled skin.

All for now,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Midterms and exams

It's been forever since a blog post which is funny how in life you get so caught up with all the events around you all happening or about to happen and you forget to step back and take a breath.
Or maybe a sigh.
Right now?
Probably a long sigh.


Yes. School is such a pain but don't we all LOVE going to school everyday?
Waking up at 6 A.M. I've completely lost my sense of fashion (that is if I even have one) and start counting down the hours till I get back home.
Ok. So maybe I'm exaggerating a tiny bit and complaining way too much about life.
The truth is I have only 3 hours of class every day from monday to thursday and basically get a 3 day weekend every week. Jealous?

The fact is, getting those free days off causes me to even slack off a bit more, thinking a have all the time in the world to finish my work before the due dates.
College exams are nothing I haven't had a hint of before.
IB, you have done your job.
But it's the fact that you have so much freedom that fails you.
Read the whole book to answer one multiple choice question. Seems fair enough, it is an exam anyways.
It does bring quite a bit of shock to you even though you're not that afraid anymore.

I, as the cheap shopaholic who likes to procrastinate by looking at the sale section instead of doing her work, found the absolute cutest candles on sale at Anthropologie.
But with candles, you know you can't just buy them online since you never know what the smell may be. So I wasted more time going to the store, actually picking it up and smelling it till I realized I have to stock up on these.
From a brand called Tea & Sympathy and they are actually made for Anthropologie so you can't get them anywhere else but there.
Let me tell you, it smells wonderful!
Sweet and just pure happiness in a tin can.
The design and so cute and I just grabbed 2 of the milk and cookies and of course, a coffe scented one. DUH.
That's it for my crazy candle excitement so don't you worry.

The best thing to do right now is to light a candle; your favorite scent and just bury yourself in books or just simply relax before a big day. 

Happy reading,

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bags. Beaches. Bowling.

As a HUGe part of growing up, I've always been a crazy super fan of the children's mystery series called
A to Z mysteries 
by Ron Roy
Loved them and I always begged dad to go find me the editions I didn't own yet to complete the collection when he went over seas to another barnes and noble place. I ended up collecting all the books, and later on the 5 special ones too. 
I'm spoiled like that.

He always matched the titles to whatever the alphabet was like Kidnapped King or Missing Mummy etc. 
Of course me being a complete freak that everything has to match (like seriously, if I have a pink pj shirt I better be wearing the same color pants at least, I just end up looking like a big blob of pink walking around haha) so that hit the weird OCD spot right away.

All that blabbering just to praise my title (I swear it just happened I actually didn't think of it being all Bs)  


So I've always been in love with the Celine luggage bags every since I first laid my eyes on them, of course owning them was pretty close to impossible since the reasons are as clear as crystal:
  1. Hard to find in Houston
  2. Impossible for a kid to pay for
  3. I have no where to wear it too

But I couldn't pass the opportunity when I saw one while walking to Neiman Marcus to exit the mall. 
It. Was. Perfect.
I thought I was never going to own it since the sales woman told me a couple came to look at it and asked to get it kept there for them to return later on in the day. 
I was jumping all over the place just to try to push my luck so I could somehow get the bag.
Long story short, I got it!

Don't mind me with the big bandaid and half curly half straight hair

I'm not the proudest person since I have to admit, with the money I made, I probably couldn't even afford to touch the bag let alone owe it.
So I'm just grateful that my parents let me have my graduation gift early.


I've always been afraid of beaches ever since natural disasters happened ( bless the people who had to deal with it personally) but I have to say, I'm a big beach person though I may not like nature that much.
Beaches have always been more of a calm place where you can just sit and smell the salt and dig your feet into the sand.
Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE seafood.
Yes me.
The girl who can't say no to food, especially fresh food!

So in celebration to the bag, I decided to bring it to the beach. Maybe I'm a bit cray cray but I've been known to keep stuff well after years and years of using it so don't worry!

The wind was freezing my butt off but it was still perfect

Ten little piggies went to the beach.

Walked 2 miles to get to the restaurant. in FLIP FLOPS.
I cannot stress how stupid I was doing that and I'm just grateful I didn't have nasty splinters at the end of the day, just small baby ones!
The food was worth it though!

Perfect day honestly.
I can't think of a better view.

Of course I can't miss out ferry rides with seagulls pooping all over the place but let me tell you, white blobs are not the ideal thing to take photos of so I'll just leave that one as a mystery for now.
I promise myself to try to have a beach day at least once very 2 - 3 months since it's such a stress relief and it's really good for your body and soul to enjoy the fresh air and long walks instead of sitting in air conditioning all day.
I'm fortunate enough to live about an hour away from Galveston so I just wanted to use it to it's full advantage.


I figured out I can be pro at something. Bowling.

I. S-U-C-K.

Even the guy at the place was like sorry maybe you're just not good at bowling after he tried to teach me how. It's fine since he put up the kids (under 12) fences for me to actually get some scores (sometimes I didn't even use that so HA.)
Not proud for sure but better than being the pathetic loser since everyone can see your score and giggle. Mind your own business people! I mean I do kinda sneak look at other people's scores and what they look like when they're playing and I don't know if it's just me but everyone looks super pro and actually get strikes.
I guess I just need more training before I can actually be able to say that I'm good at bowling.

Don't get me wrong, this happens to me in every sport, I thought mini golf was easy till I tried it and it turns out golf people need to make up another kind of name for a girl who takes 7-8 tries to get the ball into the hole. UGH.
well sucks to suck I guess.
Not that I'm being a sore loser or anything...

Nice bowling alley with friendly staff so I try to go every once in a while.
And yes Britney Spears Oops I did it again is playing.
I remember having to sneak watch Britney Spears as a kid since my mom wouldn't let me see it. Still ended up buying her live concert DVDs even though she refused to let me watch it.

So I guess that's my 3 Bs for this month.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The 5 Types Of Girls

Although people are their own individuals and it's hard to say that anyone is exactly the same as anyone else, I believe it's safe to say; everyone will fall under a category, whether it's just you, or you with a group of people who seem to be alike.

Throughout our entire lives, we meet, interact, love and even hate thousands, millions of people. It could just be a stranger you said hi to on the street, or it could be your childhood friend you've known since forever. Each face, no matter new or old is a new face; a new person.

It's been known that many guys nowadays are either complaining about their lack of relationships or just overwhelmed by how many they had or they're currently still facing. 

Honestly, I believe that there's a person for everyone, you may meet them at the right time if you're lucky, although some might not receive that luxury. 

Believe it or not, you could be standing face to face with the love of your life, but somehow fate (if you want to believe in such things) has a funny way of leading us down our paths. 
You could very well be stuck with the wrong person who you have thought to be "the one", later on finding out you were just blinded by love, it is your choice to work your way through, somehow find happiness; or you could let go and try something else.

No one can truly live your life for you. No one but YOU. YOURSELF.

Certainly the girl you meet could fall under many categories as venn diagrams but most certainly, it might not apply to every girl.


1. The girl you secretly had a crush on.

          She was the girl you grew up with. She was the girl you teased on but wouldn't let anybody else hurt her. She was the one you would daydream in class. She was the girl you doodled instead of taking notes. No matter in what situation, she was the girl of your dream. Every time she smiled, the world stopped. The heavenly smell she had when she walked pass you. She was perfect. At least, to you, at that time. She wasn't "THE ONE" since you never 
She was the girl you never had the guts to ask out. You thought she would never say yes. 
Truly every guy has had this type of girl at least once in his life. No matter what happened, she was always the one you look back several years, several girlfriends down the way and still think she's perfect.
It would make sense that you never got to know her like the way you see your girlfriend now, all greasy, licking ice cream of a spoon while crying to some chick flick she begged you to watch with her. She could be in that position but that would destroy the perfect image you have of her in your head.
You never had the guts to ask her out or you never chose to ask her out, fearing what you thought might be a complete nightmare.
She's always the one you had a crush on, nothing more, nothing less.

2. The girl you thought was perfect.

          She's hot. She's cute. She's perfect for me. You told yourself, your friends. She was the one who always gave you winks when she walked facing you. She was the one who brought the notes in when you were sick. She was the one flirting with you through her texts. She was "THE ONE". 
Or so you thought. 
Life is funny how it turns out later on. From someone you fell madly in love with and was willing to do anything for, they turned into someone who you're trying to explain to yourself why did you EVER think this would work out. 
You could deny it. But after a few heartbreaks and maybe some shocking "I'm home early" moments, you figure out that she falls under this category. 
It's true. People change. Some completely do a 180 degrees switch. Some change a bit less. No matter how much you want to ignore it, you can't run away from your own mind. You thought she was perfect and your babies would be perfect too. I might have went a bit far but you get the point :)
People don't plan accidents and people most certainly don't plan on getting hurt. She hurt you, made you question your own heart and mind.
On the bright side, you learn better not to trust, not to give your heart to the wrong person. 

3. The girl who thought you were perfect. 

          She could be the girl sitting right behind you. She's the one who brings you brownies and cupcakes because she hopes you will pay attention to her. She's the one who goes to all your games, all your tournaments, not because she has to but because she wants to. She was "THE ONE".
Maybe not for you. 
You could've broken her heart. People take things for granted or maybe you two were just never meant to be. Maybe you two did end up together, in that case, you are truly lucky. 
One thing I've always heard is that: Choose the one that loves you, not the one you love.
But life doesn't work that way, you can't just take things for granted and not give anything in return, it might sound like a good plan but it won't work for long.
No matter how much they love you, how much they thought you were perfect, they will leave you. And mock my words, it never works out.
She was the one who saw you as the coolest person alive, even when you think you're lame. It's funny how maybe you could be laughing at her when she thought you were laughing with her. I'm not saying guys are jerks, just that sometimes they are clueless. 
So instead of complaining you don't have anyone who loves you. Look around, if you're lucky, she might still be there.

4. A girl. Just a girl. 

          I'm not implying this to all guys but from what I know, at least 8 out of 10 guys have had that girl. It's just a girl. No she's not THE ONE. You know it but you still go for her. 
For her looks? For the lust? For her money?
She wasn't what you wanted to end up with, she was more of a place to crash before you reached your last destination.
Normally, guys have this girl because they say they want to "experience different people". Some tell the girl and she could agree that it is just a fun relationship, both of you aren't expecting a diamond ring at the end of the road nor exchanging vows. It is your life, no one is judging and if it's your choice and you get to choose, good for you.
Thought some are truly mean in a way they do not tell the girl, instead, they tell their guy group, and maybe some close female friends. They mock the relationship and treat love as a thing so easily to achieve, as if it was a game, not true feelings. I do wonder if you get bad karma but again, some people have the best in luck, playing around with love while others still struggling to just get a small taste of it.
Just imagine your close female friends or family if they were just a pit stop in another guy's track, would you be mad? 

5. The one.

          Although writing the worlds are so simple, the journey we take to maybe, just maybe end up with that right person is terribly hard, sometimes even impossible.
She was the one who gave you butterflies in your stomach on your first date, your first kiss. She was the one packing your lunch. She was the one who gave up some part of her dream to start a life with you.
True, she does sound like that girl who thought you were perfect but she is so much more than that. She's also the one you think is perfect. She was the crush but somehow you knew that letting her slip away would be the most stupid decision anyone could make so you gave it a shot. In some extreme cases, she was also just a girl, a girl you thought would leave no impact on you. Now you can't sleep until you've kissed her good night. 
She was all of the above but somehow it just felt like she was just her. A person. An individual. 
You love her with all your heart when she cuddles up next to you asking about your day. She's the one who made you watch the chick flick but somehow she ended up sleeping half way through. You had your ups and downs. If it was truly meant to be, she made you laugh, you cry, you worried sick to your stomach because you haven't heard back from her, and maybe literally since she tried to cook something new. 
Is she perfect?
I would hope the answer I get in return is no, at least not all the time.
Funny how every girl wants to find the perfect guy, but let's be honest. Would you rather read a book where nothing happens or would you rather follow the story, have your heart-stopping moments and then get to your ending? I would think the same goes for many guys. 
She's the one you trust your kids with, or maybe she's just the one you trust to spend the rest of your life with. 
Fights happen and people change. But if she truly is THE ONE, every time you look back at her, you would see again the person you fell in love with, no matter how old you grew, or how bad the fight was. 
True that happiness doesn't always come to all of us, at least not to those who don't try. But if you think you found it, hold on tight to it because it doesn't come around easily. 

Of course the 5 types of girls could be implied to girls as well knowing whatever it is, as long as you're happy, it's perfectly fine :)

It is sad that people some people find what they are looking for but would gladly throw that away while others are still looking for just a bit of what they had. 
But at the end of the day, it is your life and however you chose to live it, whatever decisions you make made your life the way it is now.